Explore some of the items we currently carry or have carried in the recent past.

Talavera sinks

Talavera from Puebla, is created by a process that makes it decorative but also functional. Made by professional artisans, each piece is signed and totally unique. The manufacturing of Talavera starts with mixing of two types of clay that are stumped with feet which is then left to dry for 2 weeks. Once the piece is shaped it is fired at 900°C for 8 hours, coated and hand painted (without lead). The ceramic must be fired a second time at 1100°C in order to get the bright colors Talavera is know for.

copper sinks

Handcrafted hammered copper sink. Heated in a wood burning oven these sinks are offered in a variety of colors, depending on how often the copper piece is annealed (heated and cooled), from flamboyant gold to ebony black. The sinks are available in many shapes: round, oval rectangular, engraved or sculpted. Perfect option for the bathroom, kitchen, and tubs. Copper is an antibacterial metal, manufacturing can be made to custom specifications. Over 70 pieces in store. 


Over 250 tile models and designs to choose from in store. Small, medium and large formats available.


In the 15th century, Spaniards introduced to Mexico, and more particularly to the city of Puebla where clay is abundant, the “Talavera de Puebla”. It is microwave and dishwasher machine safe and, of course, to decorate your table, walls or patio thanks to its extraordinary colors and shapes.


Pots, vases, cushions, figurines and much more..